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Canoe package

Your Canoe package

When you book a tour with us we will make sure, that you are not only equipped with the right gear,

but also the knowledge to turn your adventure into a beautiful memory.


Included equipment

You will receive all your equipment after the briefing.

An exception is made for the 60 liter barrel. if you wish, you can pick it up earlier/the day before to start packing.






All guests must take part of the briefing given before the start. You will be informed about:

  • The tour description.
  • Latest information / upgrade of the maps.
  • Common rights and duties.
  • Fire risk and prohibitions. 
  • Bird protection areas and other sensitive areas. 
  • Waste management and recycling requirements. 
  • Attractions and cultural sites. 
  • Filling in a responsibility form.


Canoe instruction


At the starting point, we will go through the equipment. The instructor will inform and demonstrate you how the equipment works, how to load a canoe and the basic paddling technics.



Our canoe guide contains important information that you must read before the tour.  The guide includes important phone numbers, Swedish common rights, (the right for everyone in the nature), recycling and waste, fire and the right to a campfire, safety and signs, paddling technique, protected areas, the weather, etc.

To make a canoe tour safely and enjoy a most pleasant experience, you need to have and receive:

Arvika - Eda outdoor map,

Information about: canoes leads, portages, overnight places, shops, wind shelters, nature reserve, protected area, and cultural sights.


Active Holidays

Photo: Birgit Ohlin

To enjoy your stay with us, the best way is that you are being active and in a good shape. You'll be immersed in nature and at the time, you are going to be on your own. We support you by adjusting the tour you are interested in, and if you would like to shorten it or extend it!

Please keep in mind, that this tour is not only about canoeing, but also includes: orienteering, land transportation, outdoor cooking, find an overnight place, predicting weather ect.

It is our goal to make sure, that you receive the proper equipment and knowledge to perform this unguided tour. Only after attending to the briefing and canoe instruction we will send you out and await you to find your way back to our centre. And even if any questions arise during the tour you will be able to reach us via phone.


If you have any other questions, you might find the answer in our FAQ.