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Your back pack

What to pack in?

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Packing list

When you decide to do a tour of canoe or outdoor activities, you are depending on the weather. That is why it is important to protect yourself from the water, the sun and the rain.
Your wardrobe will be influence by the weather. In fact, during spring time, around May, the temperatures during nights can drop below zero. It is not uncommon to have snow and sometimes ice can remains on the northern route on Josse and Kola. So mornings are cooler and the sleeping bag can be very comfortable. During summer, from June to August, it is nice to sleep out in the open and evenings are longer. Plus, the sun goes down at 11pm and the sun rises around 3:30am which is nice.
Autumn is rapidly approaching the end of August and the rains come with cooler nights, but the temperature in the lakes are very good.

Wollen underwear , wollen socks and wollen sweather will keep you warm even when you get wet.

Here is a list of what you need to take with you:

1 pair of hiking shoes
4-6 pairs of socks
4-6 shirts / T-shirts
A pair of thick socks
A windbreaker
A cap
1 pair of gloves (spring fall)
A pair of sandals
4-6 underwear
1-2 pairs of pants
1 pair of shorts
A sweatshirt
A swimsuit
A sleeping bag
A mattress.
And Toiletries, sunglasses, thermos, first aid kit, lamp, compass, small tent. Binoculars and Camera should be well packed in a waterproof pouch or a small barrel.

To appreciate more your trip, do not bring too much luggage on the canoe. No matter what kind of baggage you bring with you, they should be packed carefully. Small tip: Put your stuff in several dry bags, so you are always having dry stuff and at the same time you increase the floatability of your bags. Never take more luggage than you can carry yourself.