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Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I leave my luggages valuables during the outdoor experiences?

You have the posibility to store your luggage, and belongings for free at the centre dutring your out door experiences.
You can rent a safety box  for your valuables for 20SEK.

Can I use the parking at the canoe centre?

You came by car? You have the possibility to park your car at the centre. The parking lot is not so large but another car park is close by at 150 meters. We ask you to not leave luggages or any valuables in the car. Do not tempt the burglars!
We have a large storage room.

Is it possible to park a motorbike?

We do not have special garage for motorbike but we will help you to park it closest the reception

What is the easiest way to get to the canoe center?

You can find information on how to reach us at this page:
It all depends on your mode of transport and which airport you will fly to if flying.

Do I have to make a reservation or I can do it at the canoe center?

When booking one of our 7 days or 3 day tours, we highly recommend that you book in advance to ensure there will be space available for you. During the high season we often have tours that are fully booked and we have strict limitations on how many people and canoes can depart each day so please ensure you reserve a spot before booking flights/transport here.

How to request - book click here: Book

If you are renting the canoe for one day to enjoy Glasfjorden Lake, you do not need to book in advance. We can sort everything out on the spot.

Which tour is the best for me? What should I take into consideration?

The difficulties of each tour are based mainly on the land transport quantity, length and difficulty. You will not have strong currents but weather has a strong influence, especially, wind therefore an easy tour could become harder. It is something we cannot predict so you should be ready for anything. These are active holidays so be prepared for some hard work and lots of fun!

If you are a family with children and you wonder if you could do a medium or difficult tour, it all depends on how sporty and motivated you are. 

For families with younger kids, we have some tours that are more suitable than others. These are classed as “easy” tours as they have less land transports, however will still require some walking. Please keep in mind that you need to empty your canoe as much as possible during the land transports, so you will want to pack light if your child will also need assistance during the transports. The canoe wagons are not suited to carry a canoe, with luggage and a small child inside. 

For families with older children, we are happy to book you on any tour depending on the capabilities of your child. If they are big enough to manage paddling themselves we will be happy to discuss the variations of the tours to help you make the right decision.

What is the itinerary for the day of my tour?

Your informational briefing will start in the morning at the allocated time for your tour (09:00, 09:30 or 10:00am). Please arrive on time, with your equipment and your entire group. It is mandatory for EVERYBODY to be present at the briefing.
You will go through your tour description and the map in detail and we will answer all of your questions during this time. After this you will receive your canoe equipment. 

If you are doing a tour that requires transport to the starting point, we will drive you to the start and take you through a canoe safety instruction. Or if you have a tour starting from the beach you will follow your instructor who takes you through a canoe safety instruction. After this you will get yourself organized and pack your canoe and depart on your tour.

Can I do a tour in less time? Can I stay longer?

With good weather and if you are quite sporty, all our tours can be done in less time but you will have to paddle more each day. We do have 7 day tours that can be done in 5 days as they have a shorter version like tour B-Rinnen or E-Värmeln (note that the price will not change). 
If you are enjoying your time on the water you are welcome to stay extra days, just stay in contact with us so that we know when to expect you back at the canoe cnetre. You will then be charged for additional days rental on your return.

What happens if the weather is bad?

If it is too windy or if we consider the weather to be dangerous or a threat to your safety, we might not allow you to start the tour. You will have to wait until the weather conditions improve. Read more about it here:
During your tour, you will make the decision to paddle or not but we will always advise you to stay on shore until the wind or storm passes and the lake calms down. We are always available via phone to discuss the weather on the day.

If I rent a canoe for one day, when I am supposed to return it? 

You must return to the beach by 16:00 as you need to clean the canoe and equipment before giving it back to the instructors. Our rental price is for the basic canoe equipment for the day, we do not offer hourly rental prices.

How many people can fit in a canoe?

Our canoes have capacity for 2 adults. You can fit a 3rd person by adding a canoe chair, which will be an extra cost. 
If the third person is a child, you will fit comfortably, you should however consider that it will take some space and you should pack lightly to accommodate. 

We do not advise having 3 adults in a canoe for any tours as it significantly limits how much luggage you can take, so we provide the third person a short canoe and a double paddle.

Can I do the tour on a kayak?

We have one 7 days kayak tour called Odin´s tour. We do not allow the use of kayaks on our canoe tours as the land transports have too much potential for damage to the kayaks.
Read more about it here:

Are your canoe tours guided?

Our tours are all self-guided, we provide you all the information necessary to complete the tour safely. We can offer a guide on request at an additional cost. Please ask about this when you send your booking information.

Can I start any tour any day and at any time?

All our tours are scheduled and they start on specific days and at specific times. Make sure you check this before booking your tour. 
Here you will find the information about our 7 days tours :

And 3 days:

I will arrive after your closing time, what do I do?

 If you arrive after office hours, you can go straight to your accommodation and settle in for the evening. On the morning of your tour please come to the canoe center reception between 8:00 and 9:00 during high season OR at 9:00 during low season so we can check you in and provide the information package before your briefing starts.

Find our opening hours here:

Can I camp at the canoe center?

The only camping ground around the canoe center is Ingestrand camping, which is around 600m. away from us. We are able to book the night at the camping for you. We also have teepee’s on site which we can book you for if available.

I rented a tent from you and I am staying at the campsite but I will not be able to do the check-in the day before my tour at the canoe center, what do I do?

If you can not pick up the camping equipment the day before the tour, you will have to let us know as soon as possible and we will put it up at the campsite for you. When you arrive in Arvika go straight to Ingestrand camping reception and they will help you finding it. We pitch our customers tents right infront of reception near the entrance The tents will have a name tag and you will find a voucher and your camping equipment (if booked) inside.

What equipment do I need for my tour?

You can see a packing list on our website here:

please note this is a general guide and you should adjust according to your personal needs.
If you do not have any waterproof equipment, barrels are a great way of keeping all your most valuable in a waterproof container. We recommend one 60 liters barrel per person to fit mostly food, sleeping equipment and a change of clothes.
Barrels are highly recommended as they tend to be very water-resistant and they will make land transports easier to complete, as well as protect your items from bad weather, or lake water ..if you tip-over!

Will I find shops where I can buy food on my tour?

In most of your tours you will be able to pass through some villages with shops, restaurants and cafés where you can buy provisions or have a warm meal. We will provide you with this information on your briefing but please make sure you have prepared enough food for the tour as the stores will not be accessed everyday, and occasionally require a detour. Availability of supplies, and opening hours are at the discretion of each store.

Can I drink the water from the lake or rivers?

You cannot drink the water directly from the lake but you can purify it with a filter, purifying tablets or by boilingat least 10 minutes before consumption. We recommend you to bring with you a few liters of fresh water for the start of your tour. But you do not need to bring fresh water for the whole tour (it will save you weight on the landtransports)

What equipment can I rent from you and do I have to do it in advance?

It is best if you let us know in advance but you can also decide at your check-in. 
The food boxes and kitchen boxes must be booked in advance.
Find here the all the extra equipment that can be rented and their prices:

Do I need a license to fish during the tour? Can I rent fishing equipment?

Yes, you do need a licence. Different areas might require different licenses. You can purchase these licenses at the canoe center.
We do not rent fishing gear but you can purchase all the necessary items at our shop if available.

What happens if the equipment breaks during my tour?

The all equipment rented by the guests are under is own responsability. Please see the following information.

Can I bring a dog with me?

Absolutely, but the dog must be on a leash at all times. Please see the following information regarding the rules for having dogs in the nature.