Arvika Kanot & Turistcenter


Weather & Security

What is our source?

We will give you access to the public information SMHI and YR
In case of very bad weather, an alert will be sent to us from Arvika Emergency Services.

Security during activities

Even though you are responsible for your own safety, we want to help you to discover our environment with the best possible conditions.
Outdoor activities can imply risks for human and the properties, that's why it is recommended to take time to get all the information needed to reduce the possible risks.
During your trip, we will give you a phone number so we are able to contact you if it's needed.

Before you leave for your tour you can get different informations from our site

- Tour description
- The latest updates from the different maps
- An access to the nature
- The risks and interdiction about fire
- Birds protection and other sensible nature area
- Garbage and recycling
- Places to visit and Cultural sights
- The information form you will have to fill in 

You will provide on this form your mobile phone number so if we get an important information about the weather we will send you a text messages.


If for some reasons you would like to stop your tour earlier, we can arrange a 'pick-up'. We will be charging you for the transfer on your arrival.